Making Geometric Constructions With a Ruler & Compass?

Answer Before computers and printers were common, mathematicians and students used rulers and compasses to draw mathematical shapes. Although it might seem cumbersome and difficult, one of the advantages ... Read More »

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What Tools Did the Greeks Use in Geometric Constructions?

Geometry had been used in agriculture, art and building long before Euclid, a prominent ancient Greek thinker and mathematician. Greek constructions, according to Euclid, formalized a practical mat... Read More »

How to Construct Geometric Shapes With a Compass & Straight Edge?

Whether you are illustrating a problem, creating an illustration, or sketching out a project, knowing how to create basic geometric shapes can allow you to complete your vision. One large part of d... Read More »

How to Use a Ruler and a Compass & What Are the Steps in Constructing a 60 Degree Angle?

A ruler and a compass are tools that can be used in math applications. A ruler usually is used to measure lengths, and a compass usually is used to draw perfect circles. You can complete a number o... Read More »

How to Create the Star of David Using a Pencil, Ruler and Compass?

This article would benefit from illustrations. You can help wikiHow by adding illustrations to this article. Click here for instructions. Notice added on 2011-09-10.The Star of David has interestin... Read More »