Making Cinnamon Perfume?

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What kind of wood is used when making cinnamon brooms?

Cinnamon brooms, also known as besom brooms, were originally used in Wiccan rituals, but are now primarily used as a decorative item. Originally brooms were made from a combination of woods includi... Read More »

About Perfume Making?

People have been using perfume for thousands of years. Egyptians were the first to wear fragrance, beginning around 1000 B.C. Other cultures, including the Chinese, Greeks and Romans, began using s... Read More »

Ingredients for Perfume Making?

Making your own perfume is a great way to develop a customized scent that is distinctively your own. There is nothing like having people compliment you on your perfume, knowing you have an original... Read More »

Ingredients Used in Making Perfume?

Perfume can range from a simple concoction to a complicated mix of chemicals and additives. Knowing what goes into perfume actually can help many people, particularly those with skin and sinus-base... Read More »