Makeup to make my nose look smaller?

Answer you can use a bronzer or a tanish brown eyeshadow on a small brush & lightly doing it on the sides of your bridge of your nose

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How to make nose look smaller with makeup?

Put a little bit of bronzer on both sides of your nose and get a facial highlighter or even a real shimmery tan eyeshadow and put a little down the center of your nose - do this after foundation an... Read More »

How to Make Your Nose Appear Smaller With Makeup?

If the size of your nose has you feeling self-conscious, create an optical illusion with makeup. In the makeup world, it is referred to as contouring and highlighting. Using lighter and darker foun... Read More »

How to make a nose smaller with makeup?

A big nose can make a person feel self-conscious. It can cause so much distress that some people resort to extreme measures such as plastic surgery. Luckily, simple makeup tricks can give the illus... Read More »

How to Apply Makeup So a Nose Looks Smaller?

Having a large nose can make you feel insecure and affect your self-esteem. Undergoing plastic surgery to reduce the size of your nose may seem like the answer, but the risk, cost and time it takes... Read More »