Makeup for school for a 15 year old?

Answer That's perfect actually :) light foundation and a bit of powder is all you need for skin, and same with everything else. You can even do a slightly tinted Chapstick for some color if you wanted. As... Read More »

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How much makeup would ye say is okay for school (15/16 year olds)?

It depends on what make style you want. It's not so much using too much that's a bad thing, it's how the girl uses it, because sometimes people can use the same amount of makeup, one looks like a c... Read More »

Does anybody know what a cute back to school makeup look would look like for a 14-15 year old?

well since you're probably going into high school or you're in middle school... i'd go for a natural look so you dont look over done - tinted moisturizer (so you dont look cakey and you have a natu... Read More »

Do you think a ten year old should allowed to wear makeup to school!!!?

Is this a reasonable amount of makeup for a 14 year old to wear to school?

lol. you're more dedicated than I am. I'm 16, and wear light eyeliner, black mascara, and concealer. Natural, but it makes my eyes look bigger. Too much makeup looks cake faced and slutty, but it i... Read More »