Makeup artists, help please?

Answer As for cheekbones, use a bronzer and suck in your cheeks and blend the bronzer in an upwards motion on your cheeks, for your nose use a foundation a couple of shades lighter than your natural skint... Read More »

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Makeup help please!!!?

FoundationConcealerPowderThin Wingled eyeliner with a wash of bronze eyeshadow over your eye lid. Use a light highlight color to highlight your browbone and inner corner. As for lips, you can pull ... Read More »

Eye makeup help . PLEASE . URGENT?

It really depends on what soap you use. You could also use make up wipes or a wash so the soap doesn't go into your eyes, just wipe it off. You could also get it off in the shower, by running your ... Read More »

Help with makeup please?

It may be the actual products that your using, try to invest in a new better powder. Or just don't powder that area at all. Just conceal that and let it to air dry... don't worry gurrl, no one is p... Read More »

Makeup please:(?

Don't be nervous love! Im JUST leaving highschool and I wish i didnt waste so much money on making myself look good hahaMineral makeup is good because liquid runs sometimes or makes your face oily!... Read More »