Makeup Tutorial for Dark Brown/Black Asian Eyes?

Answer Wearing makeup enhances your natural beauty, or it can create vivid accents. Knowing how to apply it properly to dark brown or black Asian eyes isn't difficult, but it requires a little patience an... Read More »

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Eye Makeup Techniques for Asian Eyes?

Enhancing Asian eyes with makeup can be a challenge because Asian eyes are typically hooded, meaning that the skin near the brow area covers the eyelid. This reduces the amount of eyelid visible an... Read More »

Makeup Ideas for Asian Eyes?

Because Asian women do not typically have a crease in the eyelid, although there are exceptions, eye makeup is applied differently to Asian eyes than it would be to Caucasian or African-American ey... Read More »

How to apply eye makeup to Asian eyes?

Asian women typically have small eyes. In this article you'll learn how to apply basic eye makeup to make your eyes stand out Does this Spark an idea?

How to put on eye makeup for single lid (mono lid) Asian eyes?

Lots of Asian women have single lid or mono lid eyes. These eyes are characterized by lack of fold on the eyelids and makes the eyes look smaller, swollen due to thick fat on the eyelids. It is v... Read More »