Makeup Styles for the 1970s?

Answer Before the days of the Jersey tan and harsh makeup, it was more common to be paler than a bleached sheet while accentuating one feature over another. In the 1970s, wearing heavy blue eye shadow mea... Read More »

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Makeup Styles from 1970s Roller Disco?

In the 1970s, the roller disco was the place to be for young people because it combined two of the most popular things: disco music and roller skating. Roller discos were akin to nightclubs today, ... Read More »

1970s Styles for Hair?

During the 1970s, both short and long hairstyles were marked by a casual look and easy care. The set, severe hairstyles of the '60s, which were covered with layers of hairspray, went by the wayside... Read More »

1970s Men's Hair Styles?

In the '70s, "Saturday Night Fever" was turning up the heat to a disco beat. John Travolta's slick, pompadour hairstyle and tantalizing dance moves added to the sense of anything goes. Hairstyles f... Read More »

Clothing Styles in the 1970s and 1980s?

The 1970s marked an era of the disco phase with eclectic clothing and a mixture of different styles, while the 1980s was a time of poofy skirts and hair. The 1980s was not so notorious for fashion... Read More »