Makeup & Jewelry of the '80s?

Answer The 1980s were a time of color and drama in clothing, makeup and accessories. From giant shoulder pads to heavy blush to 10 Swatch watches on each arm, young people in the '80s had a bold and disti... Read More »

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What jewelry and makeup should I wear?

If you're wearing your hair up, you should wear stud earrings, and if you're wearing it down try some dangling earrings so they could show a little. Personally I prefer gold jewelry, silver looks c... Read More »

Good discount makeup and jewelry websites? is a great onlineshop, it has everything you listed and more.It has great deals, like 2 or 3 for a cheaper price, and they have great jewelry accessories/elements, although there a... Read More »

How Do I Protect the Makeup in My Makeup Case During an Outdoor Summer Photo Shoot?

If you bring makeup to a photo shoot at the beach, you must take proper care to keep the makeup from getting too hot. Makeup needs to be kept cool and if it is placed on a beach in the heat, the re... Read More »

Natural makeup - or dramatic makeup [guys open; girls can to]?

i consider makeup being an art. i play with different designs and colors. i prefer very dramatic, standout type makeup, it doesn't look natural, but neither do the outfits we wear..i don't use it t... Read More »