Makeover ideas Please help!!?

Answer You're very lucky with your genetics - with olive skin you can wear both blue-based and orange-based red lipsticks, and with eyes that are almost black, you can pull off almost any eye makeup colou... Read More »

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Girly makeover please help?

do you hair in beach waves do your make up with light subtle colors and if you have no blemishes or anything and like hazel-brown eyes green eyeshadow and dark grey eyeliner and wear somet... Read More »

Makeover to make him come to her! 10 pts HELP PLEASE!?

Bouncy, curly hair that is SUPER SHINY. Idk what her face looks like, but blunt bangs like Jessie J with the bouncy hair would look stunning. If she has side bangs, try to style them into blunt one... Read More »

Please Help! I need help coming up with ideas for preschool activites...?

As a large group activity, I once asked all my students to bring in something from home (with the help of their parents) that made their home special to them. Kids brought pictures, blankets, toys... Read More »

Please help! I need help deciding on room ideas(:?

take the one with the bathroom i mean what if you have to puke in the middle of the night and piant it HOT PINK its perfect and goes wit white furniture hope i helped