Makeover Tips & Pointers?

Answer Many people consider having a makeover to boost their confidence, help them get a new lease on life after a breakup, or prepare them for a new job search. Whatever the reason, a makeover should add... Read More »

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House Rehabbing Pointers and Tips?

Even major projects can be completed by average homeowners with a willingness to learn new skills. When attempting any repair or remodeling project, break the larger jobs down into smaller steps th... Read More »

Makeover & Beauty Tips for a New You?

There are different reasons that people want makeovers. Perhaps a special occasion like a class reunion is on the horizon. Perhaps you've changed your lifestyle, lost weight and want to show off a ... Read More »

Beauty Makeover Tips?

A beauty makeover is a way to transform a woman's appearance. It consists of taking a woman from her current makeup look, which can be dated or unflattering, to a new look. A successful makeover wi... Read More »

Homemade makeover tips?

facial hair you can pluck for smaller ones, lightly go over it with a razor (i do for the sides once a month) or you can wax w a homemade kit.stretch marks have to be evaluated and removed in a sur... Read More »