Makeover Tips & Pointers?

Answer Many people consider having a makeover to boost their confidence, help them get a new lease on life after a breakup, or prepare them for a new job search. Whatever the reason, a makeover should add... Read More »

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House Rehabbing Pointers and Tips?

Even major projects can be completed by average homeowners with a willingness to learn new skills. When attempting any repair or remodeling project, break the larger jobs down into smaller steps th... Read More »

Beauty Makeover Tips?

A beauty makeover is a way to transform a woman's appearance. It consists of taking a woman from her current makeup look, which can be dated or unflattering, to a new look. A successful makeover wi... Read More »

Homemade makeover tips?

facial hair you can pluck for smaller ones, lightly go over it with a razor (i do for the sides once a month) or you can wax w a homemade kit.stretch marks have to be evaluated and removed in a sur... Read More »

Extreme Makeover Tips?

It seems that everyone is getting plastic surgery, from celebrities, to the girl next door. Beauty is no longer hard to come by, but easy to buy. However, there are easy makeup tricks that can make... Read More »