Make your pc wallpaper a mirror tried to scan the mirror but doestn work?

Answer Cant do it...Its a lovely thought but not a possibility...Mirrors use a special coating of a mixture of silver nitrate and ammonia on the unreflective part (back side of the mirror) to make the mir... Read More »

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How can i turn my pc monitor into a mirror scanning a mirror doesnt work?

add silver chloride to ammonia coat your monitors screen in the resultign solution of silver nitrate. then pour sodium hydroxide onto the screen.

How can I get my computer screen to reflect light I tried to scan a mirror but that didn't work.?

you can`t. it`ll have to actually be aluminium layered like a mirror or anything that reflects. scanning will just give you the color

What kind of mirror is used in a make-up mirror: convex or concave?

Make-up mirrors are concave. Concave mirrors are curved inwards and make the person's image larger as she approaches the mirror. Concave mirrors are also used as shaving mirrors and for car headlig... Read More »

What happens if you scan a mirror?

You would probably just get a white image, but you might also "dazzle" the photocells and break the scanner, because it's not designed to scan specular reflective materials.