Make wired printer wireless?

Answer You can purchase a wireless print server for the printer. You can get a "USB to wireless print server" or if your printer is network capable you can get a "ethernet to wireless print server.Here's ... Read More »

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How Do I Add a Wired Printer to a Wireless Computer?

Wireless computers are computers that connect wirelessly to a network. They are generally laptops, but still have standard connections for printers and other peripherals.Connect a USB cable from th... Read More »

How Can I Make A Wired Remote Wireless?

That isn't a wired remote exactly, in the general sense of remote controls. Rather, it is an actual part of the audio system that is connected to the speaker with an umbilical. That said, there are... Read More »

Can i make an hp printer wired?

There's EVERY chance that your printer did NOT come with a USB lead, my friend. Most new printers do not have them supplied as standard.Your printer, even though you haven't given details of which... Read More »

Can a wireless router be connected to a wired router to make a wireless connection?

connect one of the ports (NOT the WAN) on the back of your wireless router to the wall jack the Landlord has setup. Make sure your router is set to a different IP range compared to the Landlords r... Read More »