Make-up makes me look weird?

Answer It's totally fine to prefer going natural. If you want to wear make-up, wearing it properly will not make it look weird. If you have very fair skin and smaller eyes, stay away from black eye make u... Read More »

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Samsung charger makes weird hissing noise?

It is possible (almost certain, in fact) that the charger is a switching type.You are probably hearing a hiss from a resonant part or two in the chargerbecause of the high switching frequency (usua... Read More »

I like White Castle but it makes me feel weird when I eat it. What's wrong with me?

However, if you think all oats are created equal, think again. There are definitely some oats which should not grace your breakfast table. Ever.What Are Oats?GroatsIf we are to understand how to ma... Read More »

Everytime I click, my mouse makes a weird squeaking noise?

This has happened to me before. But I had one of those 'roller' mouses. The clickers are probably a bit sticky, because of dust that gets stuck in between and under it. 'KeyBoardKleen' and other ke... Read More »

Lexmark all in one printer makes weird noises when it's off. Is anyone familiar with this issue?

Do you know which model you have? Some printers have a feature that turns on the printer when idle for a period of time to clean the print heads. They drop out a few picoliters, which are not vie... Read More »