Make "swastika" symbol w/ computer keyboard?

Answer their is no alt code for the symbol.

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How to make a swastika using my keyboard?

With Windows:1) Alt-code method:It is situated in alt code:卍 - 534D in hexadecimal (21235 in decimal)卐 - 5350 in hexadecimal (21328 in decimal)Press and hold alt and type in the decimal value ... Read More »

How to Make a Heart Symbol With My Mac Computer Keyboard?

When chatting with people over the Internet, you can use various symbols to express your feelings. For example, if you love the person you are talking to, you can type a heart symbol. Keyboards on ... Read More »

How can i locate "@" symbol in my computer keyboard?

press "shift" and hold it while pressing "2"unless u get another keyboard i dont think you can change its location

How do you make infinity symbol on keyboard?

Switch on the 'Num lock'And press and HOLD the 'Alt' key,Now type 236 on the num-lock keypad.Release 'Alt' key = Infinity symbol '∞'