Make me your favorite Pizza with toppings?

Answer tomatoes, onions, green peppers and extra cheese on a thin and crispy crust!

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What are your favorite pizza toppings?

I have several different kinds that I like and I like to change them upThe chicken pesto with white sauce is a nice changeI like the jalapeno, cheese, and canadian baconand I like the barbeque chic... Read More »

What are your favorite toppings on a pizza?

I love everything on it except that salty fish and hot peppers, then cover it with with extra cheese

What is the favorite pizza toppings of women?

Pineapple, mushrooms, black olives, ham and anchovies

What are your favorite pizza toppings I need some good ideas, please :)?

Mushroom!! I eat only veggie pizza. I hate meat on pizza. I am just weird like that. :D