Make me smarter?

Answer -Study at least a hour everyday-Sleep for at least 6-8 hours a night-Eat more healthy things instead of chips and stuff like that-make flashcards-Stay after school or come in before school and have... Read More »

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How to Make Yourself Smarter?

Being "smart" doesn't always have to involve studying. This article will help you find ways to be smart without reading the entire library! The article assumes you equate "smart" with "intelligent"... Read More »

What can make you smarter?

Read! Doesn't matter what genre. Find something you enjoy or are interested in and read about it. My best students are curious and know how to find out what they want to know. Also, get enough ... Read More »

How does school make you smarter?

You use your brain, which creates more brain juice and helps you think. You learn. You grow. You live. You practice skills that you've never learned before. I know we all hate school, (I certainly ... Read More »

I want a pill to make me 10 to 20 smarter?