Make hair thicker again?

Answer Well, take it from somebody who gets hair totally thinned out last week, then next week it's huge again. I've always had really thick hair. Don't get me wrong. I love having thick hair. I can't sta... Read More »

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Does shaving actually make hair grow in thicker when it grows back again?

no hair can not get thicker. it only feels thicker because you cut the hair blunt and it grows back that way until the hair gets thinner on the ends from wear. just like the hair on your head. does... Read More »

Hair Styles That Make Fine Hair Look Thicker?

Styling fine hair presents it's own unique set of challenges. The wrong hairstyle can leave fine hair looking flat and lifeless. But the right style can make hair look thicker and fuller with lot... Read More »

How to Make My Hair Thicker?

Most people want a thick head of hair, whether they prefer it long or short. Thick hair feels luxurious and makes us feel more attractive. Plus it offers more styling options. Having thicker hair i... Read More »

How to Make Hair Thicker & Smoother?

Thick, smooth, shiny hair is attractive and feels healthier. While part of the appearance of our hair comes from genetics and diet, there are many things we can do to improve hair's thickness and s... Read More »