Major ingredients that vegans cannot consume?

Answer High fructose syrup is extremely unhealthy, whether you're vegetarian or not. It is based on corn.You shouldn't follow the vegetarian lifestyle/diet mechanically just because you heard it's cool an... Read More »

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Are these ingredients safe to consume?

If it is certified medicine it is safe to consume.

I cannot sleep! i need major help here!?

Try not to drink caffeine 6 hours before bedtime.

How can i monitor the eldctricity that i consume?

If they plug in, you can get mini energy meters that you can use for one appliance.

What can a desktop computer do that an ipad CANNOT doWhat can a desktop computer do that an ipad CANNOT do?

You mean difference between a laptop that an ipad cannot do?For one, you can't game on an iPad. I dont mean those silly app games, I mean real games. Such as Crysis, Black ops, Battlefield, ACB, et... Read More »