Major Bang for Just a Few Bucks?

Answer Most investors have at least one mutual fund in their portfolio. Mutual funds are created by investment companies. Businesses forming mutual funds began offering funds and related products in the 1... Read More »

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Will you dye your bang or just buy a color clip-in bang?

If your friend always changeds her hair style, then I don't think she should dyed her bangs. The clip-in bang is very beautiful. Just let your friend to find the one she likes. That's a better choi... Read More »

Think its possible for my electricity bill to go up 50 bucks just for having a heatlamp on most of the day?

50 watts is nothing. 50w x 24 x 7 x 30 @Us average of 12.5 cents per kw/h = $5.25

If I buy an iPhone 3GS without a tarif for example paying 40 bucks every month and pay the retail price about 1000 bucks will I be able to surf for free?

Because (if you haven't heard) "There's an app for that too!" Handsome shape design, superb technology, operation smoothly, top hardware configuration and rich application.

My TV just gave a loud bang! Should I be worried?

My guess would be that the EHT arced over from the eht lead or possible the eht transformer . This can happen on humid or rainy days especially if there is an accumulation of dust etc around the eh... Read More »