Maine: The Sentencing Guidelines for Violating a Protection Order?

Answer Stalking, harassment and abuse are behaviors from which an individual may seek a protective order in a Maine court. The sentencing guidelines vary by the type of order violated and the severity of ... Read More »

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Crime Sentencing Guidelines?

The federal government and a significant number of state and local jurisdictions employ sentencing guidelines for criminal convictions. The purpose of these guidelines is to ensure the equal admini... Read More »

OWI Sentencing Guidelines in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin doesn't have statewide sentencing guidelines. Each county and district court set their own. Milwaukee County is a major population center in Wisconsin and is under the First District Cou... Read More »

New York Sentencing Guidelines for Misdemeanors?

Misdemeanor convictions are brought against defendants for crimes, such as shoplifting and vandalism. In New York, misdemeanors are outlined in the state penal code's Article 70. This code stipulat... Read More »

Colorado State Law's 18-3-203 Sentencing Guidelines?

Colorado Revised Statute (CRS) 18-3-203 provides for second-degree assault. When a defendant is convicted, a judge will review the sentencing guidelines to determine an appropriate prison term and ... Read More »