Main Uses of Tungsten?

Answer Tungsten was discovered in the late 1700s but it did not come into widespread use until the 1920s. By the 1930s, tungsten carbide was being employed in the cutting and milling of cast iron. Today, ... Read More »

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Does defragging my main drive help me move files from my main to my external faster cause its slow enough?

if you've had your computer for a year or so and you've never defragged it then it'll run like a snail defragging you hard drive will speed it up and reduce some errors you may be getting

Whats wrong with my simple program! (exception in thread main at greeting 1.main)?

The whole point of this program is to pass the parameters to it at run time. So how are you running the program?If you are running the program from the command line then you should typejava Greeti... Read More »

What Is Tungsten Used in?

According to the Los Alamos National Laboratory, pure tungsten is a gray-white metal with the highest melting point of any known metal: 6,192 F. Along with its high-temperature uses, tungsten is al... Read More »

Tungsten Uses in the Body?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), tungsten "is a naturally occurring steel-gray to tin-white metal or fine powder that comes from more than 20 different tungsten-be... Read More »