Main Ideas Needed in Geometry?

Answer Most geometry courses cover lines, angles, triangles, circles and quadrilaterals. Solids, i.e., three-dimensional shapes, are usually taught as well. Some classes also include introductory trigonom... Read More »

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Ideas for Teaching Geometry?

Geometry is appealing to many students because it can be taught using hands-on methods. Manipulatives such as blocks, geometric tiles and rods can be used to simplify concepts related to geometry. ... Read More »

Geometry Ideas for Kindergarten?

Kindergarten teachers often teach geometry concepts in order to meet state math standards. Depending on local or state standards, kindergartners are often required to name, draw and build two-dimen... Read More »

Ideas for Geometry Activities?

Geometry is the area of mathematics that deals with flat and three dimensional shapes, lines, rays, angles and measurements. The Internet is chock full of websites that will help you practice geome... Read More »

Ideas for Teaching 5th Grade Geometry?

While fifth-grade students are not yet ready to tackle complex geometric proofs or learn highly complicated formulas, they are ready to start the study of shapes that will later become geometry. To... Read More »