Mail to inform about new born baby?

Answer Dear All,I wish to inform you the deliriously happiness that has just arrived in my family by the grace of Allah : A cute little baby (son).Please bless my baby for a happy, peaceful and prosperous... Read More »

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What to say in a mail a congratulation for a new born baby?

Thank to AlmightyAllah who blessed you to be a mother the beautiful feeling.Where others can only verbelly express but you really go through it and make the tiny little life to come and see this be... Read More »

Traditionally when a baby boy is born the father gives out cigars. What about if it's a baby girl?

== =='''bunches of flowers are thrown to honer the new life. ''''''Pink bubble gum cigars.'''

Are there any video's about how a baby is born?

How do you learn about a baby before it is born?

There are many tests and procedures that can tell a lot about a baby before it's born, such as it's sex and certain medical problems it may have. Ultra sound, which gives a picture of the unborn ba... Read More »