Magnetic ball tiny about 1 cm by 1cm stuck in rectum Help!!!?

Answer You have to roll it out like in that wooden labyrinth game.

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I have a screwdriver stuck in my rectum?

I got a marble egg stuck up my rectum and can't get it out.?

Look I feel for you I really do but there isn't another option and you know it. If your rectum bleeds that means it has a cut inside and that can lead to infections quick which can be very fatal if... Read More »

How to Make a Tiny Magnetic Compass?

Travelers use compasses to navigate unknown terrain and maintain a sense of direction. With the use of a simple compass, sailors get back on course after experiencing turbulent waters, and hikers f... Read More »

Spectacularly painful tiny splinter stuck in my finger...?

put ur finger in warm water it will probably pull it out or try scraping with tweezers good luck ! those splinters hurt so much ouch! * 4 ur pain! :D