Magnetic Field Shielding: A Tutorial?

Answer If you have large speakers next to your television, you may have noticed that they cause a distortion in the TV picture. If you are an audiophile living near power lines or an industrial plant, you... Read More »

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Can i make magnetic shielding for my speakers?

On One Hand: Magnetic Shielding May Increase Image QualitySpeakers have powerful magnets inside them and these can cause interference when placed near other pieces of electronic equipment. In the c... Read More »

How to Reduce the Strength of a Magnetic Field?

A magnetic field is a vector quantity produced by a magnetic material or electromagnet. Both of these devices are normally consisting of the elements iron, cobalt and nickel. Both types of magnetic... Read More »

How to Determine the Direction of a Magnetic Field?

Magnetic fields surround you all the time. The Earth is one giant magnet, creating a huge magnetic field that protects everyone on the planet from the radiation and solar storms from the sun. Magne... Read More »

What affects the strength of a magnetic field?

Both permanent magnets and electromagnets produce magnetic fields. Many factors determine a magnet's strength, including its material, the distance from the magnet, and the construction and electri... Read More »