Magnet on Computer screen HELP!!?

Answer get rid of it. say it was stolen

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Magnet on computer screen?

It is possible to do so without harming an LCD monitor (NOT a CRT), but let me inject a little "electronics knowledge". Any time electricity flows through a conductor, you get an effect called "mag... Read More »

My Stupid Little Brother put a HUGE magnet on the computer screen! What can I Do?

If the monitor doesn't have a degaussing feature you can do it manually. A 60hz magnetic field will fix what the magnet did. You can use a small AC motor like a blender or something has, or a power... Read More »

My daughter just put a magnet on my computer screen, and it messed the color all up, is there any way to fix?

Every one who said Degauss is right. Just pick the clearest of the best. Here is a little article on what they are telling you:…

My computer screen at left is showing blue colour as some magnet was placed near to fix it?

Your display may autodegauss if you just turn it off and on again.