Magnavox TV Closed Caption Troubleshooting?

Answer The closed captioning on a Magnavox television allows hearing impaired as well as others who simply want to watch TV without hearing the sound enjoy watching. Turning on the closed captioning funct... Read More »

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What Is Closed Caption Extraction?

Closed captions are lines of text at the bottom of a television screen during a program. They display the program's dialog and are usually provided for the hard-of-hearing. Closed caption extractio... Read More »

How do you turn off the closed caption on your tv?

You should be able to do that with your remote. Just look for the `caption' or `c.c.` button and try using it again. You may have to push it several times to completely turn it off as it may cycl... Read More »

Why is there no closed caption in the computer for the deaf?

Sweet heart everything on t.v. is programmavble! You need to put in closed captioned , the computer everything is readable! Iam deaf too and close captioned is a blessing ,I also have a captel phon... Read More »

How to Turn Off Closed Caption on a Sharp LCD TV?

The Federal Communications Commission requires closed captioning capabilities for most television programs. Closed captioning benefits the deaf and hard-of-hearing, allowing them to watch news and ... Read More »