Magical Properties of Iolite?

Answer For some, iolite is a magical gemstone believed to help in physical, spiritual and metaphysical ways. The stone's appearance is lustrous, with colors ranging from blue to violet-blue. When cut prop... Read More »

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Magical Properties of Rose Quartz?

Rose quartz, a pale pink stone often associated with the heart chakra, or fourth chakra, is commonly used in architecture and jewelry. The stone is assumed to have several magical properties, inclu... Read More »

When was iolite discovered?

French geologist and mining engineer Pierre Louis A. Cordier first found iolite in 1813. Iolite's common name is cordierite, after the man who discovered it. The mineral is brittle and either trans... Read More »

What color is iolite?

The gemstone iolite gets its name from the Greek "ios," meaning violet, and is usually purplish-blue in color. Iolite displays pleochroism, meaning it can exhibit up to three colors. Depending on t... Read More »

Which waves have some electrical properties and some magneric properties?