Madeline by Ludwig Bemelmans. Why 12 girls in their table?

Answer 11 girls and Madeleine

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How to Be Like Madeline from Madeline?

She's Madeline...she's Madeline! You may remember those words from the little French girl show "Madeline". If you would like to be more like this sweetheart, look no farther. We are here to help!

In the animated series madeline which of the 6 other girls anne Monique juliette sylvie ellie and lulu are which?

It was called little planet and it did have furry creatures who fly on a sofa to diffrent places!!!It was called Tiny Planets, their names were Bing and Bong

Why do girls get mad when their boyfriend looks at other girls?

a lot of girls are insacure about themselves already and when guys look at other girls it automatically sends a trigger like what does she have that i don't... my theroy is a guy can look all day b... Read More »

I was wondering if girls put up their pants to make their *** look bigger?

Oh come on she was probably just pulling up her pants why would she want to make her butt look bigger thats just odd. Why would you notice, lol.