Macs or pcs?

Answer pc

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How to Use VNC Between Macs?

The latest versions of the Mac OS X operating system (as of August 2010), Leopard and Snow Leopard, include the ability to use the VNC, or virtual network computing, protocol between computers. As ... Read More »

Why do macs suck so bad?

There's really no answer... They just do.

Do Macs get malware?

Although Macintosh computers are less of a target than PCs for malicious software programs known as "malware." Macs can get infected with spyware, trojans, viruses and various other types of malwar... Read More »

Why are Macs better?

You are being misled. Macs are not better.If that was the case, then one would see more sells of Mac computers compared to PC's. Video's your watching is propaganda.Although, most viruses are not g... Read More »