Macromedia flash crashed, How can I disable it in google chrome?

Answer Flash player is causing that conflict, I would suggest you to upgrade the flash player, but Google chrome comes with its inbuilt flash player,So it'll ne better that you Upgrade you browsers, and ... Read More »

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Google chrome and mozilla crashed!!?

You need to advise what the 'heavy stuff' is that you downloaded. Maybe it was some virus riddled software that Chrome and Firefox would not open/run to protect not only your computer, but itself ... Read More »

Is there a way to disable private browsing in Google Chrome?

To permanently disable private browsing in Firefox:1. First, ensure that the program is closed.2. Go to your windows drive (usually drive C), browse to "/Program Files/Mozilla Firefox/components/".... Read More »

How to Completely Disable Google Chrome Update?

Only disabling Google Updates from "chrome://plugins" does not matter, It will update it automatically. Having a silent application that constantly updates the browser is a good thing. There's no a... Read More »

How to Make a Good Flash Game in Adobe Flash or Macromedia Flash?

At least everyone who uses the internet daily comes across one SWF file on the internet.