Answer Th original Macintosh launch in 1984 introduced many innovations such a a full desktop analogy for the file system where you could click on icons and drag them around and store them in folders. Cl... Read More »

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I need macintosh help, anybody?

This is not a board for sales and for a very good reason. Were you just going to fling money at a complete stranger from who-knows-where and hope they send you a computer? Hit eBay or Craigslist. e... Read More »

Why do people like macintosh?

Technically they are easier to use, you can't do as much with a Mac so that makes them simpler (75% of software can't run with them so that makes them 75% less likely to be complacited).

How do I defrag a Macintosh?

Commercial SoftwareRun disk permissions on the volume to be optimized-- i.e., defragmented. Back up the disk. Boot from a third-party commercial utility disk, such as Alsoft's DiskWarrior or Microm... Read More »

What is a Macintosh FTP program?

A Macintosh file transfer protocol program is used by Macintosh computers to transfer files from a Mac computer to any another computer across a network. FileZilla is an example of a Macintosh FTP ... Read More »