Machines Used in Operating Room & Their Uses?

Answer Today, operating rooms in major hospitals throughout the industrialized world are equipped with a wide range of specialized machinery designed to achieve a single set of goals: assisting the surgic... Read More »

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What is an operating room?

An operating room is a sterile space where surgery is performed, usually within a hospital or other medical care facility. Because the human body can be susceptible to disease when opened to the ou... Read More »

Operating Room Injuries?

Injuries in the operating room can have lifelong consequence for medical staff members. Therefore, the Needlestick Safety and Prevention Act of 2000 was set forth by Congress to modify the Occupati... Read More »

How many people are in the operating room?

It depends on the surgery. There's at least one doctor, a scrub tech/nurse, a circulating nurse, and an anesthetist at all times.

What is an operating room technician?

In the theater of surgical operations, the surgeons are the stars ultimately responsible for the life of the patient. The nurses play a supporting role in guaranteeing success. But both rely on the... Read More »