Macbook screen flashes/freezes?

Answer If you are asking, you shouldn't try. The problem could be the wiring that runs through the case, but you can't know until you take it apart. Probable best scenario: You take it apart, determine yo... Read More »

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White screen on Macbook Pro!?

White lcd screen means that the back light is getting power but no image is being fed to the lcd from the video card. The problem is either a bad video cable or your video card is going bad.

MacBook Screen Damage?

Use a Lcd cleaning kitu shud be able to buy it from a local mall

How to Print Screen on a MacBook Pro?

What you see on the screen of your Apple MacBook Pro laptop computer changes from one minute to the next. If you want to keep a record of what's currently appearing in the display, you can make a s... Read More »

How to Get to the Print Screen on MacBook?

What PC users call a "print screen" is known as a "screen shot" on a Mac computer. And while there is a specific "Print Screen" key on a PC keyboard, Mac OS X uses keyboard shortcuts to create a sc... Read More »