Macbook Cmd-S start up cmd doesn't work?

Answer you only need to use cmd-s if you are trying to fix start up issues or developing software. It its normally disabled by the computers administrator, to stop people fiddling as if you do anything wr... Read More »

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I put my macbook in the bath and now it doesnt work?

LMAO. I hope this is a joke.I can't believe you seriously put your computer in the bathtub?ummm, sweetie. you broke it. it's water damaged....sorry.

My webcam doesnt work on msn when i go on it it says We couldn't start your camera device Please check that your camera is not currently in use by another program and then try again but it isn't?

i have the same problem and its so annoying :@ but idk what to do to fix it, ive tried everything.

Why doesnt it work!?

Why doesnt my scanner work?

You did not mention your laptop make and model or your Operating System (IE, Google Chrome, Firefox,etc) So I'll offer you this much ; Click on Start > Control Panel > Scanners and Cameras . Make... Read More »