Mac Display Question?

Answer this is to save energy,the screen becomes dim(goes dark), a few seconds before the display sleepsif you want to disable this feature,choose SYSTEM PREFERENCES and then ENERGY SAVER(the one with the... Read More »

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Dvi display question?

If the video card is pretty good and so is the tv then yes the picture should be good depends on video card and tv settings too.Get a good quality VGA gold plated cable and if the TV has a 3.5 audi... Read More »

Computer display question?

Screen size and resolution go hand in hand. Small screens with the same resolution as big screens have smaller pixels. You can view them from a closer distance and not see "graininess" of image. ... Read More »

Computer display question for mac mini?

You would be able to use three monitors, yes.However, the Mac Mini 2011 only has USB 2.0, which isn't perfect for using as a display connection as it is slow, and only capable of certain resolution... Read More »

Imac with thunderbolt display question?

Hello, Ask Apple here for free 1-800-MY-Apple ,and check out the sites for more informaton and… ... Read More »