Mac & Cheese: Spoon or Fork?

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Do you eat mac and cheese with a fork or a spoon?

Depends on how saucy the sauce is. Usually a spoon because I put lots of cheese in it. A fork is ok if I have some bread to sop up the cheese that doesn't stick to the fork...

How to Use a Spoon and Fork to Eat Spaghetti?

While a true pasta purist would never do it, proper etiquette recommends using both a fork and a large dessert spoon to eat spaghetti or other long pasta strands. Learning to do this right takes pr... Read More »

When were the fork&spoon invented?

The fork and spoon evolved separately. The first manufactured spoons appeared in the Roman Empire in the first century A.D. Forks as eating utensils were first developed and used by royalty in the ... Read More »

Who invented the spoon&fork?

One particular person did not invent the spoon and fork. The first spoons might have been seashells used by early humans. The first fork was used for eating in the 11th century in Italy, although f... Read More »