Ma head hurts, how can i make the pain go away?

Answer It depends on why your head is hurting. Do you have sinus problems?Does your nose feel stuffy? If so just using a nasal spray will alleviatethe headache. If it is muscle pain, then taking a hot bat... Read More »

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I have this horrible sunburn that hurts really bad, what can I do to reduce the pain, or just make it go away?

put on aloe vera gel, it is natural and it helps to fade it and reduce the pain. Although it isn't immediate, it works adventually.

I have head pain in my forehead region when I cough, sneeze or bend over, hurts bad....?

Sudafed 12 hr. Generic works just as well. If that doesn't make the pressure let up, the pain gets worse in the face area or you get a fever, see your Dr. It could be a sinus infection. Been there ... Read More »

My shoulder hurts and it hurts to turn my head or raise my arm.?

You do not state your age. If you are 40 or older, you could have bursitis or a form of gout, both of which are forms of arthritis.Try ibuprofen. You might try strong dose. Most tablets are 299 mg.... Read More »

What do you do to make pain go away?