MY TONGUE IS SPLITTING! Please help me!?

Answer Hi Wynonna,I am not a doctor or a nurse, (I've worked in a dental office for years) but from your description it could very well be the common Thrush (oral candidiasis) caused by a yeast infection.... Read More »

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Please Help My Tongue Is White?

I wouldn't worry lots of times in the morning your tongue will be white because you didn't eat or drink anything all night, as soon as you brush your teeth or rinse your mouth or even just eat some... Read More »

Can i hide my tongue piercing when i get it from my mom.PLEASE!!!!!!HELP!!!!!!?

it doent hurt too bad, i have mine twice and the first time hurt a little more than the second one.some people, there tongue will swell up a lot and wont be able to talk or eat and some people it d... Read More »

Please help me , i got a problem about interview at mcdonalds please please help help thx so much?

go back to the McDonald's and tell them one of the managers called you, you came in but she was not there. Can they please find out who contacted you. There should be only a few managers that are... Read More »

Splitting internet connection help?

I would go for a network switch not a hub because you have 5 network ports and it's more clever than a hub. If you want more detail about different between a hub and switch google it or ask me. In ... Read More »