MY FACE fell OFF what DO I DO?

Answer Is this Micheal Jackson?? OH MY GOODNESS...can you fax me your autograph!!!!

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What do I do if my face fell off and it fell in the well!?

Fell on my face help please?

If it stays go to a doctor. I think it will go down in a day or two.. depends how bad it is. So go to a doctor if it stays way to long.

My son just fell face first into the table and his tooth went through his lip and cut it! What do I do?

Stop waiting for Yahoo answers and tend to your son.Get him to a doctor. Poor guy - he's probably sitting in the middle of the floor crying while mommy types away on the cpu.

What to do if a 4 year old girl fell on her face and is bleeding from her gum?

My 4 year old niece fell hard on the ground and hit her face. When she got up she was bleeding from her gum right over her 2 upper front teeth. She keeps saying her teeth are hurting but I'm not su... Read More »