MSI ODD Monitor Program!!!! HELP?

Answer Well, For Starters, Stop Typing Like This. It Is Very Annoying. MSI ODD is showing up in my database as an 'unknown file' which means it's not on the UoS Approved Software list. Likely as not, it's... Read More »

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I have 2 monitors, and I need a comp program that can help me view what is on the other monitor?

Hard to say, as there is no clue as to your operating system--Mac, Windows or Linux. Pointless to guess.

How to Restart a Program to Monitor CPU Usage?

Any open programs or software applications take up a percentage of your total available system resources. Programs require both memory and CPU cycles in order to execute instructions that allow the... Read More »

Dell Monitor Repair - Where Can I Download A Self-Help Manual For Dell Monitor Repair?

Start with this site: http://lcdmonitorrepair.pinurl.comIt's got monitor repair manuals for all brands (Dell, Acer, Benq, HP) apart from schematics and videos to fix LCD problems easily. I usually ... Read More »

Why my monitor get green sometimes this problem is from monitor , VGA or Monitor cable ?

This often indicates a bad pin on the end of the vga cable. Sometimes the pin is bent or will push into the body of the connector when you try to insert it into the jack. Close examination will usu... Read More »