MS excel sharing violation?

Answer Is this on a company computer in a network? Are you saving to a path on some file server? Or does this happen no matter where you try to save to?When you do the first save, what file name are you... Read More »

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Network Sharing Violation?

A network sharing violation occurs when one Windows machine has a file open, and another Windows machine attempts to open the file from a different location. Since only one user can have a locked f... Read More »

Can Home owner association send a bill for the bylaw Violation without sending you the letter to correct the violation?

Read your governing documents to determine the process that the board must follow in this particular violation situation. There are violations for which there is zero tolerance, such as unattended ... Read More »

Is a seat-belt violation a moving violation?

In many states, a seat-belt violation is considered a moving violation. A moving violation negatively affects your insurance rates, as it adds points to your driving record. However, in some states... Read More »

How do I convert read-only for Excel 2007 to Excel 2003 to make changes?

Save As An Earlier VersionOpen the read-only 2007 Excel sheet. Select the Microsoft Office button that is located at the very top left-hand corner, and looks like the Microsoft Office logo. From th... Read More »