MS Word file to JPG format?

Answer 1)Select all in word pad (Ctrl + A)2)Copy all from wordpad(Ctrl + C)3)open a paint(Go to Run--->MS Paint )4)Paste all(Ctrl + V)5)Save the file as the format u want**This works for text and pics....... Read More »

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How do I change an Interleaf file format into MS Word format?

Convert to WordOpen the file you want to convert in Interleaf. Interleaf has a built-in function that converts the technical documents into the Rich Text Format that is recognized by Microsoft Word... Read More »

How to Convert a Word File Into PDF Format?

Converting a Word file into PDF format can be done through a variety of different processes. If using a Macintosh computer, you can convert a Word file into the PDF format using the "Print to PDF" ... Read More »

How do I format a Word document into a text-only file?

Remove FormattingOpen a Word document. Examine the file for any formatting the plain text format does not display, including varying fonts and text treatments such as color, italics, bold type and ... Read More »

What is the default file format for Word 2007 documents?

Microsoft Word 2007 saves documents as DOCX files by default. DOCX is an XML-based format that compresses a document while keeping its components separate from one another. To view the contents of ... Read More »