MS WORD Question – Mouse Pointer (Don’t select entire word)?

Answer File, Options, Advanced, Editing Options: uncheck "When selecting, automatically select entire word".

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What does the magnifying mouse pointer allow you to do in Word 2007?

In the 2007 version of Microsoft Word, the magnifying glass cursor allows you to toggle back and forth between 100% zoom and "Fit Page" zoom. You can access this feature by checking the "Magnifier"... Read More »

How do I insert the content of an entire PDF file into Microsoft Word?

Open the file in Adobe Acrobat Reader. Find the Tools menu and select "Basic". Click Select "Text".Highlight the text you wish to copy, or find "Select All" in the Edit menu to select the entire do... Read More »

Does Anyone Know Waxx Baby Chick Fest Word,Easter Egg Hunt Word For 3/30,And The Goodwill Word For 3/29?

Baby Chick Fest Word - FLUFFYEaster Egg Hunt Word - HOPGoodwill Word - HELP

Im downloading open office now will i get word you know like microsoft word but their type of word 10 points?

Open Office has everything MS Office does, but better and with extras. Just remember when you are saving documents for others to use with Word or Excell to use File/save as and select the type as t... Read More »