MOZILLA SNIFFER how common are things like this?

Answer Sunday February 14, 2010Mozilla Admits Error in Calling Add-On Malware…It's pretty rare. Code is usually reviewed and tested before beta.More often it's ... Read More »

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Why do people think things like this are ok ?

WTF? I can't believe that there are people like that in the world! I hope that these children can find healing and can become accomplished individuals!

How often do things like this happen?

If I had $1 for each time that has happened I'd be sitting on my own beach somewhere sipping drinks with those little umbrellas with fruit in them.Edit: I forgot to mention, sometimes that whistle... Read More »

How often do TRAIN EMPLOYEES do nice things like this?

Sadly . . . . it is kind of rare but not for the reasons you might expect, railroaders in my experience despite thier crusty exterior are some of the nicest guys you will ever find. We are mostly a... Read More »

Where can I find more Facebook status things like this (Questions)?

-- First person to like this status will be my profile picture. Second person to like this status, i will have their last name as my last name for a week. Third person to like this status, i will h... Read More »