M&M Math Activity for Elementary Students?

Answer What better way to teach math to elementary students than by letting them eat their work after the experiment? M&Ms can illustrate important concepts in math: counting, addition, subtraction, multi... Read More »

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A Hands-on Activity on Phases of the Moon for Elementary Students?

The moon has four main phases. A new moon happens when the moon is between the Earth and sun. A full moon happens when the Earth, moon and sun are aligned. The new moon is the reverse of this -- th... Read More »

Math Tricks for Elementary Students?

Elementary students sometimes question the usefulness of math, finding the memorization difficult or boring. By showing students some tricks, they can see the patterns and logic inherent in mathema... Read More »

Activities for Elementary Age Math Students?

Children have a school life of equations, trigonometry and complex calculations to come. So as much as elementary school children need educating on mathematical issues it's important to make math e... Read More »

Math Activities for Elementary Students?

From counting and addition to problem-solving and algebra, elementary school is a critical time in the development of mathematical processes and skills. To help children make the most of their math... Read More »