MK3 Volkswagen GTI Rear Brake Rotor Installation?

Answer If you notice your MK3 Volkswagen GTI no longer brakes effectively and makes a sharp squealing noise each time you depress the brakes, it's likely time to change the brake rotors. Installing a new ... Read More »

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1996 Volkswagen GTI Rear Brake Rotor Installation?

Properly working brakes are crucial to driving safely. If your 1996 Volkswagen GTI's brakes are no longer responsive and make a sharp screeching sound when activated, it is likely time to install a... Read More »

Volkswagen Jetta Rear Rotor Removal?

Volkswagen Jettas equipped with rear disc brakes have a rotor mounted on the rear axle hub. The surface of the rotor will wear with use, and periodically it will need to be replaced. In some instan... Read More »

How to Remove a Volkswagen Brake Rotor Retaining Screw?

Damage to the brake rotors on your Volkswagen occurs most often from bad or incorrectly installed brake pads. Under normal driving conditions, your rotors should last through three sets of brake pa... Read More »

Brake Rotor Installation for a Land Rover?

Rotors on the Land Rover serve as friction points for the brake pads to slow down and stop the vehicle. The brake caliper sits above the rotor and holds two brake pads, one in front and one behind ... Read More »