MJ girl fans, i have a scenario?

Answer i'd try to sweet talk security to let me get in. lol. probably wouldn't work though so i would just try and scream out to michael, then once he hears me he'll come and get me and bring me back stag... Read More »

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MJ Fans: Michael Jackson scenario..?

Me- Hey Michael!!!MJ- Hi.. umm...Me- Cali (:MJ- Nice name!!Me- thank you very much, sir.MJ- Sir, ha, Mikey works.Me- Hehe, okay... Mikey.. *snickers*MJ- so... nice dance moves out there...Me- I lea... Read More »

Lady MJ fans. Scenario, what would you do Nothing mean please or I will just report you.?

Man i've missed Y/A aint been on cause i was busy and down Yes i will definetly accept,In my head i would open my mouth and be like wow is it really michael in the car asking me to get in his limo ... Read More »

MJ family/Fans: Michael Jackson scenario?

call 911 and get my boyfriend arrested first... then i can give michael the innocence he deserves.

Dose the girl group little mix sign posters for fans?

If you went to a meet and greet or a concert and got to meet them and you had a poster or something with you that they could sign of course they would!