MIniDV, DVD or Hard Disk: which camcorder is better?

Answer They are all pretty much the same price. $300.00 to $400.00If you are extremely lazy, I'd go with the MiniDVD. When the video recording is done... is done! Editing is a pain with compressed... Read More »

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My mom wants to buy a camcorder but she's stuck between VHS-c or MiniDV format. Which is better and why?

Don't go with VHS, as that format will soon be obsolete.

Which is a better canon camcorder - hv30 minidv or 2075b001 2183b001 or vixia hf100 hd?

A good place to find reviews of specific cameras (and other tech stuff) is; they may not have every model you are looking at reviewed, but it's a good place to start! We cannot recomme... Read More »

Which Camcorder will be the "BEST" Hard Disk or Flash/Memory Stick and Why?

Define "BEST".The GoPro or Contour cameras will be "BEST" for action shots because they can capture high frame rate - we assume the lighting is good. If lighting is poor, expect poor video. If audi... Read More »

Which is a better format for camcorder, hard drive or Dv cassette?

Both formats are useful... the Hard Drive format is faster and easier to load into the computer... but you need to make an archive copy of everything that you record in case you loose your computer... Read More »