MInecraft wont work on my Windows Xp pc?

Answer It means you have a bad video card driver.

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Minecraft wont work properly?

Really odd. Might be just the current version of minecraft being laggy. There is a mod that helps with that issue. Forgot what its called its like opti- ...something.

Sony handycam wont work on windows 7?

why ask google? you should ask sony, all the help you require is here >>…

Why wont my Windows live Movie maker audio work?

Did you do a webcam capture? I just made one using Windows Live Movie Maker and the sound was fine.Let's diagnose your problem.First, let's see if your computer's microphone is working.Go to Start... Read More »

Why wont Windows Live Movie Maker wont speed up my video?

because your computer is not equipped to deal with editing the video from your camcorder. Just because it has issues in MovieMaker does not mean what you want to do will not work. Render/save as/ex... Read More »